Curing Olives

I have a lot of Olive trees in my area and I always see so many of them just wasting on the ground, so this year I decided to do an experiment by picking some of these olives and trying to cure them myself.  From what I read, it’s a lengthy process but curiosity has me giving it a try.  I will need keep an update every so often of the progress.

So the first step was to wash and sort through the olives.

Then I scored them and put them in a jar and filled it with fresh filtered water.

The water needs to be changed daily (some ever say 2 times a day) for 5 days to 6 weeks.  So I will take a taste after 5 days and see if I need to keep going for as long as 6 weeks. Here are some pictures:

Washing and Sorting the Olives

Washing and Sorting the Olives

Olives in Water

Olives in Water

Then after soaking them for however long it takes to remove the bitterness, I brine them with 1 part kosher salt to 10 parts water and some recipes say to add lemon or vinegar for flavor and to keep it free of any pathogens.  Will keep you posted.

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