The Olives are READY!!!!

…and they are delish! I am so excited that it worked and that it’s edible! Here’s a picture below:

Brined Olives

Brined Olives


Olive Curing Update

YAY! It’s time! The olives are ready to be brined. I tasted a bit and the bitterness seems to be gone.

All in all, it seems they only took 2 weeks of soaking in water to get rid of the bitterness, not too bad.

So after reading several ways to brine olives, I decided to just come up with my own combination.

I covered the olives in filtered water, then added

2 Tbs. of real salt,

half of a lemon chopped into cubes,

several bay leaves,

about 4 cloves of garlic cut in half

a dash of organic red wine vinigar

and covered the top with some extra virgin olive oil.

it’s supposed to sit like this for about 2 weeks.

will report back!

Here’s a picture for all you visual types 🙂

Brined Olives

Brined Olives