Kelp Noodle Salad

Cutting down on our intake of grains is not always easy as most of us are so addicted to it.  Here is a no starch, low carb noodle dish that promises to satisfy. Kelp noodles are 0 calorie food that is very versatile.  It will absorb the flavor of whatever you mix it with.  This recipe is also nut free, gluten free and other than a little bit of honey, it’s also vegan and mostly raw. This is a great salad to make ahead as the longer it sits in the sauce the better the flavor.

You can play around with the sauce ingredients if you want to make it sweeter or spicier etc.

This makes enough sauce for 2 packages of kelp noodles and will serve 2 or 3 depending on how hungry you are 🙂


1/4 cup seasame tahini

1 Tbs. toasted sesame oil

3 Tbs. rice vinigar

2 Tbs. low sodium tamari sauce

2 tsp. chili garlic sauce (you can find this at any asian market (huy fong foods inc.)

2 tsp. raw honey or sweetner of your choice.


2  7 oz packages  of Kelp Noodles (also found at asian markets or health food stores)

1 sm. persian cucumber, grated

1 sm. carrot, grated

handful of chopped cilantro or mint

1 green onion

toasted sesame seeds (optional)


Put all the sauce ingredients into a small bowl or a measuring cup and mix well. Rinse and drain the noodles in a fine mesh colander.  Make sure it’s not too wet before you toss it with the sauce. Toss the noodles with sauce and the rest of the ingredients and you are done! Enjoy!