“Alice informs and inspires.  Her nutrition/cooking classes have gotten me and my family on the right track, and we’re all feeling great!  Her easy-to-follow advice and recipes have improved my health and given me more energy.  I can’t wait for the next class!”  Amy P.

“Your wisdom in nutrition changed my life, literally changed the way I saw the importance in taking care of my body, I have applied your gold nuggets in my everyday life, I am healthier than ever.
Cooking Class: WOW!!!!! what a great way to learn  how to make simply yet nutritious and delicious meals for your family, I think it is one one the best cooking classes I have attended because you tell us why we need to eat healthy and it give us a better understanding
Thanks Alice, I look and feel great inside out.”
Virginia R.

Hi, Alice.  Just wanted you to know we are enjoying the recipes you gave out.  We love the tamale pie!  I’m making it again tonight.  I’m also making the green smoothies, and we’re all drinking them.  I make them about every other day.  THe whole family is taking the barley grass juice too!  Thanks for all the info.  We’re feeling great!

I am grateful for your insight, support, prayers and encouragement. Everything that you have recommended has been spot on. Thanks Alice!

E. J.


Thank you for all that you do for me to help keep me together for as much as I can. You are much more than the wonderful person that does my hair. You bring me good feelings, you support and sense me, you connect with me, you guide me in a non-judgmental way and most importantly you provide me with trust and security…… that’s more than most people in this world  do for another.
God bless you. Keep smiling (I love it).
See you soon.

Dear Alice,

Thanks a million for all your help.

You really stood by me and gave me encouragement when I needed the most.  You never give up on me and you make me to become stronger in my faith.

I truly appreciate your friendship, your support and your unselfish giving. My mission this year is to be blessed so I can also be a blessing.



2 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Alice, every single one of your cooking classes I’ve been to, I have taken something away from it. All of the recipes you have shown us are so yummy, I can’t help but make them a part of my food repertoire. I absolutely love the green drink you made us with lacanto kale, spinich, etc. It has become a staple snack I use as often as I can. It is so fulfilling and gives me such energy that I like drinking it instead of coffee. I even have a to go cup with a straw that is permanently stained green because I have used it so often to put the green drink in to take to work or wherever.

    Thank you Alice for doing this. You are truly gifted in all of the things you are doing here. Thank God for your contagious passion for healthy living!


  2. OMG!!!! I just made your faux-Tuna Salad and it is a total hit. My eight-year-old like it’s better than the ‘real’ thing!!!! As long as I remember to soak the sunflower seeds the night before it is totally easy to make. I put it in my son’s lunch while he licked the spoon! He loves a sandwich and it’s so great to find a healthy one that’s easy and travels well.

    You always come through with such great ideas. I was so grateful to have spent almost two days with you. I learn and am so inspired with your healthy wisdom and experience.

    Thank you for what will probably be a real staple in our home…

    Laura La Piana

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